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We had an allegation, and the allegation came directly to me

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replica bags prada September 29, 2007 by Kyle GannAMSTERDAM The new Muziekgebouw hall on the Amsterdam waterfront, which only opened about a year ago, is a spectacular space or rather, spectacular collection of spaces. In addition to the comfortable and precision engineered main hall, there is the upstairs black box called Bimhuis (billed as a space for jazz and improv, but actually perfectly well suited for new music in general), as well as several vast foyers superb for concerts, sound installations, and the like. I’m halfway attending the Output festival of new music employing electric [Read more.]Across Oceans and Time ZonesSeptember 26, 2007 by Kyle GannToday I’m giving a lecture on Nancarrow’s late player piano studies at the Royal Conservatory in Aarhus, courtesy of expatriate American composer Wayne Siegel, whose music I’ve been following for more than a couple of decades now replica bags for sale replica bags prada.

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