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The poster sessions connect academic insights and evidence

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The “posts” and “videos” and “+1s” sections are all a great place to widen your inner circle, especially if your goal is to get noticed. Posts can be as lengthy as you wish, and if you made a video on your product or service or even idea, you can easily upload it. The +1s are also a great way to reach out to more people on Google+.

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While I would not be surprised if anti LGBT sentiments had a hand in the situation, it wasn what pushed Mod Wolf to announce he was cancelling the project at one point. I remembered that statement being the result of backlash over the Serpentine Helm nerf, but before correcting you I did some digging to verify my memory. Here is the relevant thread and comment..

The nominating committee of the National Association of State Bounds of Accountancy named Milton Brown as its choice for 1997 98 vice chairman. If, as expected, he is formally elected at the group’s annual meeting this month, Brown a public accountant will become NASBA’s 1998 99 chairman and its first licensed public accountant (LPA) chief executive. Brown spent 11 years on the New Jersey State Board of Accountancy, including 2 years as its president.Fighter for reciprocityThe past chairman and current member of NASBA’s Uniform Accountancy Act committee, Brown has long promoted the idea of substantial equivalency.

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Deserts: These are areas where vegetation is sparse and rainfall occurs less than 30 cm per year. Deserts occur in the interior of the continents and are found between 25 to 40 degree north and south latitude. Major plants include shrubs that have resistance to droughts.

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