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The Leicester Mercury claims United will ‘pursue other targets’

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Hermes Replica Bags Conte was filmed whispering in the Chilean’s ear in the tunnel during Chelsea and Arsenal’s League Cup semi final first leg at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday.He may want to reconsider getting involved, though. The last time Chelsea took on United for a player they were blindsided and ended up with Alvaro Morata and his one on one finishing.The Leicester Mercury claims United will ‘pursue other targets’ rather than Leicester No.9 Jamie Vardy. The 31 year old was mentioned as a possible striker option high quality hermes replica uk look at this web-site for Mourinho, who is keen on recruiting a poacher to back up Romelu Lukaku.The Mercury claims: “It is understood that United have expressed an interest in the England international, but he looks certain to stay at the Replica Hermes King Power Stadium.”Vardy scored against United last monthVardy has developed into an excellent Premier League striker but few United supporters are likely to lose sleep over him staying at the King Power Stadium.United have been linked with Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder Fred recently but high quality hermes birkin replica it is City who have made replica hermes belt uk a move for the Brazilian. Hermes Replica Bags

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