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Nevertheless, at Tuesday’s meeting the Chamber of Commerce

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cheap nfl jerseys Gaffney wasn the only one indulging in shenanigans on this issue.Despite its sound research and pragmatic commentary on the issue, the Research Bureau gave fuel to those pitting residents against businesses on the issue by characterizing the difference in rates as owners (subsidizing) Worcester residential taxpayers to the tune of more than $650 million since 1984.While the Research Bureau not able to isolate direct evidence of tax induced negative growth in Worcester, it noted that the number of commercial parcels in the city had declined by about 530 since the city began its dual tax rate policy.Mr. McGourthy said the report didn delve into how many of those parcels were businesses, whether some were combined to make bigger parcels, or whether some were taken over by non profit agencies.Nevertheless, at Tuesday’s meeting the Chamber of Commerce suggested the declining commercial parcels represent 538 businesses that have fled the city because of its high commercial property tax rate.of jobs have left the city or never came to Worcester as a result, Tim Murray, president and CEO of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce said.Mr. Murray did give a couple of examples of businesses that he said left Worcester because of its commercial rate, to include the former Norton Company building a new plant in Northboro instead of at its complex in the Greendale area.Yet cheap nfl jerseys, the volume of the city business hemorrhage is not being accurately defined by that 538 number, and City Councilor George Russell rightfully called out such hyperbole, by noting the number of ways in which the city has worked to enhance its business climate.He talked about micro loans to help small businesses cheap nfl jerseys, block grants to improve their building facades, personal property exemptions for bio tech manufacturing, the millions of dollars spent to improve infrastructure, such as the sewer lines, and lowering the fees for businesses to hook up to the sewer system.He noted that he is on record saying that lowest residential tax rate is not necessarily the proper way to go, and that there needs to be a balance cheap nfl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys0, a sharing of the burden. cheap nfl jerseys

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