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If you, like myself, are the exact opposite of your husband,

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Part time software trainers need to manage their time well so that they can give full attention to their full time job, and be able to prepare presentations for the part time software trainer job. If new to teaching, the trainer comfort level during actual training sessions is directly proportional with time spent in preparation for the training. In the computer programming field, Microsoft technologies (like dot net etc.), C,C++, Java, HTML, XML, and software testing tools are a good technologies for part time software trainers.

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Aaron L. Berger, one of the researchers on the project, makes an analogy with a bulldozer. As a bulldozer pushes dirt, the dirt forms into a wedge shape. If you got an office full of moms and dads, there a good chance that you have an office full of parents who are missing sporting events, piano recitals, and the first part of birthday parties. Offer them a chance to take a set amount of half days, or even just take off an hour or two early during the year. Say an employee is great with punctuality and is never late to work.

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