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The majority of survey takers (64%) said workshifting enables

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The construction of special skybox levels, particularly in newer arenas where luxury levels have become even greater spectacles, creates stark physical divisions that endorse the kind of social hierarchies of race and class already so pervasive in nineties America.The proof is in the not so subtle snobbery boxholders exude with every bite of their shrimp cocktails. Gene Kennedy, spokesperson for First Union National Bank, justifies his company’s boxes at Joe Robbie and Tampa Stadium by noting businessmen’s desire to “have more control over the surroundings. You know there’s not going to be anybody behind you who’s really obnoxious.” As Ford Motor Company spokesman Gene Koch advises, “Rank does have its privileges, and there are certain opportunities that aid in the establishment of prestige and a certain image.”While seat users implicitly accept that hierarchy of wealth every time they use their exclusive parking lot and float on their private escalators through the crowd to their suites in the sky, the class alienation promoted by skyboxes isn’t always such a subtle phenomenon. The message comes through concretely every time rain soaks Joe Robbie Stadium. Because of a design quirk, water that collects in the upper deck drains through holes in the upper deck wall.

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