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The main break is a south swell that reflects off the jetty

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A super intelligent program yeah, with general intelligence. Doesn even mean it truly is sentient, but thats a hard one to prove either way. Humans have DNA, and we can edit it, but we can really tell our nails to stop growing (without doing some biomedical stuff).

You’re using something a 19 year old wrote to make them look bad. Good job.Wtf does that even mean? Because he said it when he was younger it doesn count? He still said it and has stood by his statement, referring to Arabs as people who “bomb crap and live in open sewage”. Why are you defending a racist?Nazis vote Republican, one even ran in Illinois and got 20,681 votes in his (unopposed) primary.He then got over 56,000 votes from Republicans in his district who rather have a holocaust denier and neo nazi over one of the most conservative Democrats in the House.

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The idea that those same people could be making more money elsewhere seems foreign to them. I remember that last year the media in Estonia talked about the salary increase of the guy in charge of our healthcare spending. His salary was increased to something like 7800 euros a month.

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cheap jerseys Ultimately it just not really a surfer wave. The main break is a south swell that reflects off the jetty and pyramids into this massive, triangular shaped wave (hence the name, “The Wedge”) that peels left and usually doesn make it more than a hundred feet or so before it closes out, every time, without fail. People do ride surfboards here but it dangerous. cheap jerseys

So you set the goals and what you expect from it. If you do it without knowing why, it useless. I think ppl trash Nofap because of the ridiculous bold claims that appear here, the pseudoscience and all, but because they feel insecure when confronted to the truth of porn: an easy pleasure that crush your soul, like any other easy pleasure, but with an intimate side that makes it even more sad.

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