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The governor should be championing these bills

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Keeping 18 to 20 year olds in the juvenile system, where they must attend school and participate in rehabilitative programming, where they are given supervision and intensive services, is the best bet to reduce recidivism. The governor should be championing these bills, as law enforcement representatives already have. Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins and former sheriff Frank Cousins are publicly supporting the bill, because sheriffs know better than anyone what damaging environments adult facilities can be for young people.

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Further, that not what he was talking about. Some states votes are worth 4x that of other states in presidential elections, 70x in the senate, and there are some differences in the House even (even without taking gerrymandering into account Wyoming has one house seat for 580k people, whereas nationally it one house seat for every 700k people). These are all examples of votes being counted unequally.

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