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It was the first BlackBerry to have a built in camera (1

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If you are fortunate enough to obtain a child size boxuse it as the house of the Three Bears. Your child could the walls with crayons, pictures, or cut and paste pieces of wallpaper. Cut a 3 sided opening for the door and cut one or two window shapes this is important as often children do not feel comfortable in dark spaces.

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To make your business cards even easier to fold, try scoring the horizontal line between the front and back design with a utility knife. To score something, you lightly press down with the utility knife, taking care to not cut the whole way through the card. This makes folding incredibly easy, and is a great trick to learn..

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It also featured the SureType keypad for a slimmer form factor. It was the first BlackBerry to have a built in camera (1.3 MP) and support for music and video playback. It threw GPS into the mix along with the usual messaging features, Bluetooth, expandable memory and a media player, but it lacked a camera and there was no 3G or Wi Fi support.BlackBerry Curve 8300The 8300 series, better known as the BlackBerry Curve, brought together the traditional form factor, in its smallest and lightest form yet cheap jerseys, along with a strong range of features.

1909 is a landmark year in the history of solar water heaters, for that’s when William Bailey of California developed a successful model of a solar water heater by separating the water tank from the solar collector. This prototype remains in use today. In 1936, Charles Greeley Abbott developed an efficient solar boiler that remained popular until the 1950s when cheaper gas became available..

The geometry is aggressive enough to put you in a fairly aerodynamic position, but relaxed enough not to give you back pain on long rides. It stable at high speeds, but still has responsive handling. It got tons of mounting points for long journeys.

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