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Gnome rewrite was super aggressive

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That Beats mount was never meant to be sold as a 8 mount. Retail pricing is hard to find nowadays since it no longer in production, but from what I can tell it was meant to be 30 40, which is far more realistic to cover the design, manufacturing, advertising, distribution, and all of the other costs of selling a relatively low volume bike mount from Beats. Why is it 8 now? Likely because it didn sell that well and now retailers are trying to get rid of their remaining stock..

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It doesn I was just making a point that motives for total rewrites don have to be bad. Gnome rewrite was super aggressive, selfish in nature and started a lot of negativity. It worth pointing out that Gnome was almost the defacto back in 2013 with possibly what felt like an 80%+ share of the entire desktop Linux market across the most popular distros.

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The SEC alleges that in furtherance of their cover up, Tomasetta and Hovanec fabricated minutes of two non existent 2001 meetings during which Vitesse’s Compensation Committee purportedly granted stock options. Tomasetta and Hovanec inserted these fabricated minutes into the stock option administrator’s computer and turned back the clock on the computer thereby creating the false appearance that the minutes had been written at the same time as when the purported meetings occurred. Tomasetta also inserted the dates of these two phantom meetings into his Palm Pilot thereby creating the faade that these two meetings had actually happened.

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